Welcome to Metaprism Creative

An Introduction to Metaprism

Hello and welcome to the first of many blogs by Metaprism Creative.  In the future we will fill our blogs with marketing advice and guidance on opportunities to improve your profit margin.  That being said, for the time being, we just wanted to give you a quick introduction to Metaprism Creative, and the masterminds behind it.

My name is Tempie and along with my business partner Duke, we created Metaprism Creative with the sole purpose of giving LGBTQ and Ally businesses a place to feel comfortable in being themselves.  While the concept was birthed around a pool table and a few beer’s; it doesn’t mean we take our jobs any less seriously.  When thinking about where we wanted our business to go and who we would like to support the obvious answer was the community that had always supported us.  Myself, as a lesbian, and Duke as an ally, have been immersed in and accepted by the LGBTQ community, and it was time for repayment by showing them same support they have always provided us.

We understand the unique needs of LGBTQ businesses.  We understand the judgment and hurdles you face every day as an LGBTQ member of this unique society.   We appreciate how important it is to feel comfortable with your surroundings, if your marketing company doesn’t have a complete understanding of their client and that client’s business, they can’t accurately represent your business to its full advantage.  We encourage you to trust our over 15 years of expertise in helping over 400 businesses exceed their goals.

Our mission, and yes… we chose to accept it, is to create a comfortable environment with open discussion and feedback in order to, not just reach, but annihilate your specific business goals.  We want to know your quirks, we want to know your struggle, we want to know what drives you to be the entrepreneurial genius that you are.  We want to uplift LGBTQ and Ally companies to become a stronger force in the overall economy.  We know with success you create power, and we want to ensure all LGBTQ and Ally business are successful; to support the community as a whole.

We are excited to introduce ourselves and our concept, and look forward to helping you be the business leader you deserve to be.